How do I join a Discipleship Group?
Discipleship Groups form out of your local House Party community and are under the oversight of the House Leader. This means there should not be people from different House Parties in the same DG. For those who cannot attend any House Party due to schedule conflicts, you may join a DG but only with approval from the DG's House Leader.

Who leads a Discipleship Group?
Every month, a different person will lead the discussion and be in charge of initiating and directing the conversation. For example, if you are in a group of 3 with Joe and Ben, Joe might lead in January, Ben in February, and you will lead the discussion in March. By continuously rotating, each person will be encouraged to grow and learn how to make disciples.

How long is a Discipleship Group?
A DG should meet weekly for about 1 hour, or every other week for about 2 hours. You can decide within your group what works best for your schedules. You are also welcome to utilize Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, etc. to meet if transportation is an issue. The key is to meet regularly to REAP.

There are two DG semesters the mirror the House Party start and end dates.
Semester 1 (2016): January 17th - May 29th
Semester 2 (2016): August 14th - November 20th