Sundays at 10:30am

Every week we gather as a family to worship God, and to proclaim the sacrifice of Jesus, who although perfect and sinless, died on the cross in place of sinners like us. The will of God is that through such love, mercy and grace; mankind would be brought back into relationship with the father. We cherish this fact! We welcome you to join us, come learn and celebrate with us. 

Come as you are. We mean that. Shorts, flip-flops, hats, and suits are just fine. 


Every week, we gather to share a meal then meet together in our discipleship groups. We build friendships and get to know one another on a deeper level so we can encourage each other to seek Jesus with our head, heart and hands. The grace of God is what brings us together. It is the common thread that unites us regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, social status, history or background. 





We give because Jesus already gave his life for us.  

We aren’t giving to get; we are giving because we have already received everything in Jesus. We get to worship Jesus with our money. And we give because we want to see more people worship him, too. The truth is Jesus doesn't need our money, but he invites us to be a part of his kingdom expansion, his mission. Don’t give if you think you have to; give because we get to by grace.



If your heart, and mind are dedicated to seeing the city of Jacksonville be its best and your hands are dedicated to help make it happen; then like us, you are caught up in the D.R.E.A.M. The phrase Duval Rules Everything Around Me is a creative play on 90's rap group Wu-tang Clan's song CREAM as well as an ode to Martin Luther King Jr. being that the shirt was originally released in conjunction with Duval's MLK parade.  In short, it simply means that Duval has priority in ones heart concerning their geographical dedication. Grab a shirt and join us in representing our beautiful city with your own D.R.E.A.M tee. When you enter a room, don't be surprised to hear someone scream, "Duvaaaaaal!!!" Order yours online today or pick one up at The Ville Church (956 N Liberty St.) on Sunday Mornings before or after our 10:30am service.



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