Jay Harris - Lead Pastor

Jay's passion for sharing the gospel is motivated by the mercy, grace, and love of Christ that overwhelmed his life more than 16 years ago. On that day he was interrupted by the love of God while making his way to execute a murder in retaliation for “disrespect”. The retaliation never happened. Pastor Jay found himself and his girlfriend Alanna on their knees in front of a church altar. Today Pastor Jay and Alanna are married and are expecting their 9th child.

The immediate years after his and Alanna’s radical  salvation saw them planted in the same local church where they met the Lord, for the next 13 years. There they learned, served, and grew under the authority of their Pastoral leadership.

Most people know Pastor Jay from his boutique and clothing brand Strght & Nrrw on Laura Street in the heart of downtown Jacksonville. There he curated projects for musicians and helped foster the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of downtown. The store hosted a weekly Bible Study and served as an outreach and refuge for many in the city.

In November of 2014, he joined the staff at The Ville Church (formally Image Church) where he shared preaching duties with lead Pastor Matt Jensen, and led all outreach initiatives. In June 2016, Pastor Jay transitioned to lead pastor of The Ville Church.


Jeremy Schurke - Associate Pastor

Jeremy was a part of the church's initial launch team that met in a living room with his newlywed wife, Jennifer, and they have had the privilege to testify to the extraordinary things God has done over the past four years through this church.

He enrolled into Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary several years ago to pursue God and a Masters of Divinity. Pastor Jeremy recently graduated and came out with a degree and two children, Effi Flora and Wolfgang Axel, who both represent the purest form of joy for him.


Phillip 'BigFil' Burks - Worship Pastor

Phil is a husband to Jaelyn and a father to Ashlyn and Christopher. He has been a worship leader for almost 12 years and 6 of those years he has played a key part in the structure and organization of leadership teams over several music ministry departments in the city of Jacksonville.

Phil is a vocalist, and teaches that as a worshipper you, not only engage the congregation, but also invite and connect them to the presence of God.