Mission & Vision

The Mission

The mission of The Ville Church is to build bridges to see strangers become friends who become family.
Matthew 25 says of Jesus, “the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” The heart of our mission statement is in response to Christ's love to us as strangers, making us children of God by his saving grace. To all, we are strangers until the first “hello” or introduction is made. A greeting is so powerful it can unlock a lifelong friend or an eternal brother and sister in Christ.  Friendship is truly birthed when the bridge of vulnerability has been crossed by two brave strangers, allowing each other to see and speak into the hard parts of their lives they  would typically hide. In this place, the good news of the gospel of Christ gives momentum to our stride as we cross the bridge of salvation into the glorious family of God as his children through Christ Jesus.

The Vision

The vision of The Ville Church is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ and His church treasured in our neighborhood.
“To see” is the most important part of this statement. Once we as a church stop seeing God's grace and mercy through Jesus, the vision is dead. We must see God’s love to show His love. His love is patient, His mercy is made new each morning, His grace is sufficient, His gifts are beyond comprehension. A church that mirrors God’s love to each other and the community around them will build esteem for the church. We must “see” if we are to “treasure” Christ, his church, and those made in His image (Image bearers).

When the Ville first acquired property in the Brentwood community, we set out to be educated by the community about the community. I sat with a young brother, who I call the Mayor of Brentwood and whom I've grown to love dearly, and he expressed his disdain for some of the churches he had experienced in the community. He said, “I was taught to speak to people when I am in their house. These churches treat us like we are visitors in our own neighborhood; they close themselves up in their building and if they do speak, it's to criticize you.” I felt humbled and privileged to hear this young man’s words.  We are a church that is adamant about listening to our community, not staying within the walls of a building, but learning from our neighbors and letting their wisdom shape who we are. As we learn, we look forward to collaborating with our community and neighborhood churches for the flourishing of Brentwood. CommUNITY is essential to how our vision moves forward. 

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