We are the Ville Church.

An eclectic mix of people seeking to love God through Christ, love each other, and love our community well.

Who we are

We are the Ville Church. We consist of an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life. In our small congregation you will find people of differing ethnicities, old and young, rich and poor–all seeking to love God through Christ, love each other, and love our community well.  

We are a ministry that is committed to the wholistic flourishing of The Brentwood neighborhood. Brentwood is located in the 32206 zip code, north of downtown Jacksonville. It's a neighborhood that has been overlooked and neglected in its infrastructure and economic development. Nevertheless, we deeply cherish Brentwood. God is already here, working through the churches, activists, and praying grandmas and grandpas who have been here long before we ever thought about Brentwood. We are here to learn and serve, to love and celebrate. We are here to grow and see strangers become family.

In many ways, God is using Brentwood to sanctify our church. When we look at Brentwood with open eyes, the unavoidable realities, both beautiful and difficult, cultivate within us an agape Christ-like love that embraces these circumstances with Hope. Brentwood is a gift to the Ville Church.
For the purpose of fostering a healthy community internally and externally, we have adopted different forms of expression for our Sunday morning gatherings.

During Covid, we were forced to do Sunday morning service in a new way. We held a service in Brentwood Park. We did online service. We did service through Zoom. We did service at different members' houses. We did service in The 2nd Mile garden in Brentwood. We even did service on the block then cleaned up the entire street after.

In doing so, we found these different expressions to be expedient for our growth and edification and made opportunities for us to live out our mission statement of “seeing strangers become friends who become family. You gotta be where strangers are to meet strangers right. After Covid restrictions were lifted, we felt no need to abandon these different practices.

We cherish our traditional gatherings in a building with preaching, worship, and communion, and will always have such services. Nevertheless, these new forms of expression are now a part of our DNA. In the words of Patrick Swayze “Nobody puts baby in the corner”. Well, nobody puts Christ’ bride, the Church, in a box. We are liberated; out of the box and we aren’t going back in. If that works for you, join the family.

What we believe

We believe the Bible—all of it
We believe God the Father sent his son, Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) to be born of a  virgin, to live a holy and perfect life, overcoming every temptation of the flesh.

We believe Christ accomplished the Father's purpose of sacrificially dying on the cross in place of all sinners that would place their faith in Him.

We believe God, a righteous judge, satisfied his Holy wrath against our sins and rebellion at the cross where an ultimate, most glorious exchange was made in Jesus, taking on our death penalty and gracing us with his righteous and perfect resume.

We believe this gift is not earned but given in this purest act and form of love: God's love. We believe that Christ’s body was laid to rest in a grave and he arose from the grave three days later, defeating death and securing eternal victory for His children.

That's what we believe.

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